The end of eBook dominance?


Something interesting, and not really unexpected, is happening in PMP land, our eBook sales plateaued in 2013 and have had a slow decline in 2014. In fact, we are at only 65.4% of eBook sales as compared to the same period in 2013. Yet, our total sales are up 8% over this time last year and revenue is up 30% (remember, revenue is NOT income).

Some of this is due to a couple of larger new releases and the fact that we have tried to trim the poor performing events from our schedule.

Could this be a trend or just an anomaly? I think we all expected a plateau. We have reached saturation. Most folks that want an eReader have one. New sales are based on better tech, not new entries into the marketplace.

What does this mean for the quicky self-pub eBook folks? I noticed in the KDP community posts, several people are crying conspiracy – not willing to admit (or understand) we hit the peak a while back. Amazon is NOT stealing your money or hiding sales from you. 

In PMP land, eBooks represent 38% of our units sold in 2014 vs. 63% during the same period in 2013. JAMAIS VU plays a role there. Plus an exceptionally strong pre-order period for TOXICITY. But not 25%.

Is the writing on the wall? 

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