That was unexpected …

Horror Realm Spring Break Massacre 2014 is over, the PMP entourage has returned home, and the books are unpacked and ready to re-assemble for this weekend’s Lexington Comic & Toy event. 

The past weekend taught me a few things …

  • We have some pretty loyal fans
  • Pittsburgh continues to love us
  • People know their Horror Movie Trivia – even the obscure stuff
  • In Pittsburgh, even though a place is only 4 miles away, it can take 30 minutes to get there. 

I was a bit surprised by the results of the weekend. Many vendors did not do well this weekend. The show is small and I think some of them expected a much larger crowd. Me, I had no expectations. Well, that’s not true, Nelson Pyles and Jessica McHugh were in attendance, so I expected to have a great time with many awkward moments.  I was not disappointed. 
Sales wise, we pretty well. Much better than the last time we attended HR Spring Break Massacre. 

Earlier I posted about how many books to bring. I brought too many 666HRHMTQ and not enough Jamias Vu. But that’s okay – there are many more Jamais Vu‘s on their way to PMP-HQ and I am confident the 666HRHMTQs we have in stock will sell over the next few shows. 

Like March 21-23 at Mad Monster Party in Charlotte NC. We are having another trivia contest, tentatively scheduled at the PRIME TIME of 1:30pm on Saturday. Plus James Newman (the author of 666HRHMTQ) will be there. 

Speaking of authors in attendance, Richard Conine, author of Hellpointe will make a rare appearance at Mad Monster Party as well. 

But I am rambling.  

Long story not so short …
We made more money that expected, sold fewer 666HRHMTQ than expected, and the PMPress the Flesh Strange Among the Familiar Tour 2014 is going well. 

Come see us this weekend at Lexington Comic and Toy show. 
If our line is too long you can wander over and visit with William Shatner, George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, Lou Ferrigno, Booger & Lewis from Revenge/King of the Nerds, or Melissa McBride from Walking Dead. They might be in need of conversation.
I wonder if these Walking Dead guests will ever catch on?

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