The end of eBook dominance?


Something interesting, and not really unexpected, is happening in PMP land, our eBook sales plateaued in 2013 and have had a slow decline in 2014. In fact, we are at only 65.4% of eBook sales as compared to the same period in 2013. Yet, our total sales are up 8% over this time last year and revenue is up 30% (remember, revenue is NOT income).

Some of this is due to a couple of larger new releases and the fact that we have tried to trim the poor performing events from our schedule.

Could this be a trend or just an anomaly? I think we all expected a plateau. We have reached saturation. Most folks that want an eReader have one. New sales are based on better tech, not new entries into the marketplace.

What does this mean for the quicky self-pub eBook folks? I noticed in the KDP community posts, several people are crying conspiracy – not willing to admit (or understand) we hit the peak a while back. Amazon is NOT stealing your money or hiding sales from you. 

In PMP land, eBooks represent 38% of our units sold in 2014 vs. 63% during the same period in 2013. JAMAIS VU plays a role there. Plus an exceptionally strong pre-order period for TOXICITY. But not 25%.

Is the writing on the wall? 

That was unexpected …

Horror Realm Spring Break Massacre 2014 is over, the PMP entourage has returned home, and the books are unpacked and ready to re-assemble for this weekend’s Lexington Comic & Toy event. 

The past weekend taught me a few things …

  • We have some pretty loyal fans
  • Pittsburgh continues to love us
  • People know their Horror Movie Trivia – even the obscure stuff
  • In Pittsburgh, even though a place is only 4 miles away, it can take 30 minutes to get there. 

I was a bit surprised by the results of the weekend. Many vendors did not do well this weekend. The show is small and I think some of them expected a much larger crowd. Me, I had no expectations. Well, that’s not true, Nelson Pyles and Jessica McHugh were in attendance, so I expected to have a great time with many awkward moments.  I was not disappointed. 
Sales wise, we pretty well. Much better than the last time we attended HR Spring Break Massacre. 

Earlier I posted about how many books to bring. I brought too many 666HRHMTQ and not enough Jamias Vu. But that’s okay – there are many more Jamais Vu‘s on their way to PMP-HQ and I am confident the 666HRHMTQs we have in stock will sell over the next few shows. 

Like March 21-23 at Mad Monster Party in Charlotte NC. We are having another trivia contest, tentatively scheduled at the PRIME TIME of 1:30pm on Saturday. Plus James Newman (the author of 666HRHMTQ) will be there. 

Speaking of authors in attendance, Richard Conine, author of Hellpointe will make a rare appearance at Mad Monster Party as well. 

But I am rambling.  

Long story not so short …
We made more money that expected, sold fewer 666HRHMTQ than expected, and the PMPress the Flesh Strange Among the Familiar Tour 2014 is going well. 

Come see us this weekend at Lexington Comic and Toy show. 
If our line is too long you can wander over and visit with William Shatner, George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, Lou Ferrigno, Booger & Lewis from Revenge/King of the Nerds, or Melissa McBride from Walking Dead. They might be in need of conversation.
I wonder if these Walking Dead guests will ever catch on?

Hanging in there … barely

Traditionally, March is a busy month for Post Mortem Press. March of 2014 is no exception. In fact, it is probably busier than ever.

The biggest challenge with touring is knowing how many books to buy. The winter months are very lean cash wise, so I need to be very careful about what I buy, 

Complicating the matter is the Trivia contest. It is based on James Newmans’ 666 Hair Raising Horror Movie Trivia Questions, a book we released in January.
The goal of the trivia contest is to get people to our table and to sell books.  More  than likely we will sell many more 666HRHMTQ books when we have a trivia contest.
But how many?


This weekend we are attending Horror Realm Spring Break Massacre in Pittsburgh. It is also our first trivia contest.
Horror Realm is a relatively small show, but we do well there. In addition Nelson W. Pyles and Jessica McHugh will be in attendance.
The spring show is smaller than the autumn show – but how much smaller?
Decisions decisions.

This time, the number of 666HRHMTQ is easy enough – it’s the beginning of the season and having too many is okay this early on.
But what happens if I don’t have enough? I have 40 on hand and another 30 on the way. That’s 70 books. If that is not enough, WOW.

The wild card here is the last show of March. Mad Monster Party in Charlotte. It is a much larger show, there will be a trivia contest, AND James Newman will be in attendance.

After the show in Pittsburgh I have enough time to order more books for Charlotte.

In between is the Lexington Comic and Toy show. This is a show we attend because it is close to home and it’s really cheap. How cheap you ask? Well in 2012 and 2013 it cost $35. For 2014 we get two tables for three days for less than $100. To give you an idea how that compares, we have one table in Charlotte for three days, $300.  One table at Chiller Theatre in April, $400.

The money issues will resolve themselves later in the month, as we sell books at three shows and on-line sales pick up.

In addition to the shows we’ve got several books in various states of readiness for release.
We have Jamais Vu – Journal of Strange Among the Familiar in full swing.

AND, I need to finish writing a marketing book so I have copies in hand by the first weekend in April.

Throw in the endless winter and you get the point.